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We at FTW Roofing are dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions while maintaining the quality and integrity of service our clients have relied on over the years. We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with quality service and materials to meet your roofing and construction needs.

Founded by Brock Stevenson and Brett Pardue, FTW Roofing utilizes the extensive experience of their owners and employees to produce top quality construction efficiently and effectively. Based in Fort Worth, our team has worked on projects of all kinds over the years, providing valuable experience and insight into roofing and construction solutions tailored to your needs.

Brett Pardue


Brett is an experienced roofing contractor and estimator. Driven by customer satisfaction and quality work, he takes pride in providing the best value. As a senior estimator and co-owner his goals include superior estimating and insurance negotiation. In addition to his primary job functions, Brett has been recognized by several insurance carriers for his extraordinary commitment to quality estimating.

Brett's passion for estimating can be traced back to Pilot Cat, where he spent significant time working on large loss and commercial claims. As a senior estimator, he specializes in adjusting, estimating, and negotiating. Brett has worked in the insurance industry for 20+ years, gaining experience in identifying damage, estimating and construction.

As a seasoned senior estimator, he is passionate about advancing claims and quality work.

Brett lives in Brock and has two daughters.